Monday, February 13, 2012

Fail Quote: Canada safety minister compares privacy defenders to child molesters

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Vic Toews (Public Safety Minister of Canada)
Min. Vic Toews

You know, I don’t think I’m becoming a fan of Canadian Public Safety Minister Vic Toews. The first I heard of him was last week when he instructed the Canadian intelligence agency to freely use information acquired through torture, so long as they could claim to do so in the name of preserving national security. And now, he’s further cemented his reputation as a typical conservative demagogue during a hearing on a proposed “lawful access” (aka “letting the government spy on your online activities under pretense of protecting teh children”) bill:

You can stand with us, or you can stand with the child pornographers.

Short, all-encompassing, deliriously stupid and insulting. Because the only people who could possibly object to having the government (of any country) snoop around in their private affairs without reasonable cause are those trying to hide their child-diddling. Makes perfect sense … if you can’t argue without resorting to atrociously false dilemmas.