Saturday, February 25, 2012

Exposing preachy Christian hypocrites on Facebook is such fun

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Once again, please let this be real and not another hoax (from Reddit):

Funny Facebook comments thread

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If we should give homosexuals equal rights...should we give em to pedophiles as well? After all, freedom of choice...right?
Both are sexual immorality. God speaks against homosexuality. Stop picking up man's laws and man's ideas. The reason we're in this state is because we've gone away from God's commandments.

Then THIS happened...

Courtney So is masturbating in a parking lot on somebody else's truck in front of all your friends but yes its something you did... Dont you think your being a bit hypocritical?

Kyle -_- really Courtney? You gotta bring that up? That was a while ago, and yes it was obviously wrong. I don't get drunk anymore though. Repentance is definitely needed.

Real or not, it’s not like we haven’t all heard of countless proven examples of this exact sort of two-faced dishonesty from these preachy pissants.

(via Joe. My. God.)