Thursday, February 09, 2012

Dr. House limps off

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Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie)
“Hi, I’m Greg.”

I’m not one to blog about pop culture and such, but being an avid fan of House means I naturally must comment on the news of the axe finally coming down:

Fox's medical drama "House" is ending its eight-year run this season.

The show's producers, including Emmy-nominated star Hugh Laurie, said it was a "painful" decision but that the time had come to bring "House" to a close.


In a statement Wednesday, Laurie and his fellow producers said they imagined Dr. House as an "enigmatic creature," and that it was best for him to vanish while there was still mystery in the air.

The season finale date for "House," which airs 9 p.m. EST Monday, was not announced.

Actually, I’d say it’s a lack of mystery – among other things – that the show’s been suffering from for the last few years at least. Face it; writers can only run the same general cast of characters through so many similar trials and themes before they’re left scratching at the underside of the barrel for inspiration. Some might say a good sign the series was losing its edge was way back at the start of Season 4 (2007) after House had fired his entire team and was then scrambling to pick replacements. The show’s evidently been struggling to find its groove ever since (though not that there hasn’t been some damn good moments every now and again, in addition to being generally enjoyable).

But nonetheless, even with the problems of the recent seasons (ie. every season since the third), House remains arguably the best show on the air at the moment, and its ultimate death will definitely be a sad day, at least for me, just as it was when 24 finally kicked the bucket.*

At any rate, we still have at least eleven more episodes to look forward to, so I won’t be needing to enter detox just yet.

* Hey, say what you will about ideology and whatnot – that show was fuckin’ awesome. Increasingly absurd, but awesome.