Monday, February 06, 2012

Daily Blend: Monday, February 06, 2012

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Diane Avera
Diane Avera
  • Mississippi grandmother [pictured] who went to Alabama to buy cold medication now faces a year in prison.
    (via @radleybalkp)

  • Report: U.S. drones increasingly target rescuers and mourners at sites of previous drone attacks.
    (via The Agitator)

  • Meanwhile, cowardly anonymous Obama administration official calls drone attack critics al-Qaeda enablers.

  • Today in horrifying but vital upcoming documentaries: Kidnapped for Christ.
    (via Joe. My. God.)

  • Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) goes after the racist vote.

  • Poor ol’ Woody(’s (newly-fired) PR flack) crashes and burns during Reddit AMA session.
    (via @ebertchicago)

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