Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The world is just full of stupid people

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In which some Aussie satirists offers us some Jay Leno bait:

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Video of CNNN’s Julian Morrow interviewing several Americans on the streets and asking them general knowledge/trivia questions à la Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking”. Questions and answers include (but are not limited to):

• Countries that begin with a “U” (some name Utah and Utopia; none get “United States”);
• Identify the religion of Israel (most name “Muslim”);
• Identify the religion of Buddhist monks;
• How many sides a triangle has (answers include “one” and “four”);
• Identify the UK currency (“Queen Elizabeth’s money” and “possibly American money”);
• Which country should next be invaded in War on Terror (answers range from Indonesia to Canada; one suggests bombing the entire Middle-East);
• Locating Iran and North Korea (which several people identify as Australia);
• Whether Kofi Annan is a drink (most say true and name various beverages);
• Asked who first walked on the Moon, one man says some “believe that it was reincarnated in Arizona somewhere”;
• What is a mosque (“an animal”);
• How many World Wars there’ve been (“three”);
• Which state KFC comes from (can’t identify it when with “Kentucky Fried Chicken” spelled out);
• What is al-Qaeda (a “suicide group” from Israel and headed by Yasser Arafat, or else “a wing of the Masonic order”)

Now, to be fair, it would appear that Germans, Brits and even we Canadians are unfit to graduate from the fifth grade. Perhaps the reasonable lesson is that stupid people are everywhere and are not representative of any entire populace.

I’m still weeping that folks like this are allowed to vote and drive, though.

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