Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fox’s Bolling attacks Obama for using Air Force One

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Today in Obama Derangement Syndrome, brought to you by Fox News’s Eric Bolling:

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GRETCHEN CARLSON: Let’s talk about the President, because after the State of the Union, he’s gone out now on a fundraising tour – the Swing State Tour, it’s being called: Arizona, Nevada, Iowa, Colorado, and Michigan. So, these states are picked on purpose.


ERIC BOLLING: Let me just do – Air Force One, guys: $181,757 per hour to operate. So I just did a little math, I followed the money a little bit, I did the flight times between the cities. You end up with, D.C. to Iowa, Iowa to Arizona, Vegas, etc., etc., back and forth: Eight hours and 48 minutes, and that comes to about $1.6 million, just to fly that airplane around the country. Forget, y’know, security and the other things that are associated with it. So it’s costing the taxpayers a lot for Mr. Obama to show up in these places.

You get that? President Obama should totally stop using the plane that was built to transport the President around. Or maybe he should just sit at the back of it. After all, Bolling & co. never had any problem with any other president using Air Force One.

And to cap it all, here’s his response to critics:

Libiots panties in a wad- I questioned Obama using AF-1. for five (swing) state tour. I did the math 8h 48m airtime @ $181,757/hr = $1.6m #Fail #hopeforchange

Well, as long as you continue to dazzle us with your rhetorical mastery, Bolling.