Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fail Quote: Bill Donohue pretends that bigotry is not bigotry

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Bill Donohue (President, Catholic League)
Bill Donohue

Every once in a while comes a quote so brilliant in its unintentionally revealing nature that it simply must be shared around. Via the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue:

In all honesty, it’s time for the politically correct gang to take a deep breath and get a life. Generalizations about any racial, ethnic or religious group are not necessarily indicators of some deep-seated bigotry.

Gee, and I thought that reducing entire groups of people to fit one single sweeping characteristic, especially when it comes to matters of race or religious belief, was actually the exact definition of bigotry. And it’s all the more telling that Donohue says this right after repeating his claim that Hollywood is run by secular Jews who are responsible for injecting supposed anti-Catholic sentiments in movies.

It’s quite puzzling how media outlets treat this man as a bona fide spokesperson for Christians at large when he is so incapable of saying anything worth being taken seriously.