Friday, December 02, 2011

Please stand by while my computer is on the fritz [updated ×2]

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Broken computer cartoon
I wish

I woke up today to the oh-joyous surprise that my computer refuses to boot up. While I wait the obligatory too-damn-long period of time necessary before being able to get it fixed, I’m afraid blogging is being put on temporary hiatus.

So … there. See y’all soon.

UPDATE: 12/03/11 6:00 PM ET —

Okay, maybe not so soon after all. Diagnosis: Problem with the hard drive (something in the wires or whatever), and though my files are safe, it’s gonna take a week (and about $110) before the faulty hardware is replaced. (<insert much grumbling about not being able to play Minecraft here>)

So … there. See y’all soon in a bit.

UPDATE 2: 12/06/11 5:00 PM ET —

Okay, nearly all back up & running. The hard drive motor had died, and while my father’s doing his best to cannibalize a spare from one of our old drives, I’m here with a brand new 1.5-terabyte HD and a new wireless modem (’cause fuck wires, that’s why). In the mean, I’ve only got a few relatively minor things left to adjust before I’m ready to jump back into the game once more. Expect blogging to commence for real tomorrow.

Oh, and just in passing, two quick notes: 1) DO YOUR BACKUPS (you seriously can’t estimate just how much of your ass they’ll save when – and not if – you’ll need them), and 2) kudos to MozyFree for being so very awesome in that regard.

So … there. See y’all soon in a bit anon.