Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fail Quote: DEA chief spins hundreds of dead children as sign of victory in Drug War

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Michele Leonhart (Administrator, Drug Enforcement Administration)
Michele Leonhart

In case you wanted more proof of the utter amorality that’s leading the endless and entirely pointless bloodbath that is the War on Drugs, look no further than the head of the DEA herself, Michele Leonhart, as she offers this astounding reaction to the news that children are becoming increasingly targeted in the ever-escalating violence between cartels:

U.S. and Mexican officials say the grotesque violence is a symptom the cartels have been wounded by police and soldiers. “It may seem contradictory, but the unfortunate level of violence is a sign of success in the fight against drugs,” said Michele Leonhart, head of the Drug Enforcement Administration. The cartels “are like caged animals, attacking one another,” she added.

In other words: “I know this sounds completely fucking demented, but hundreds of children being butchered actually means we’re winning! For real this time! No, seriously!”

These drug warriors – Leonhart being a stellar example – are always coming up with new ways to spin butchery and inhumanity into a sign that the authorities are getting ever-so-closer to finally winning the Drug War. Of course, the grisly truth, as is obvious to anyone with their head not stuck up their ass, is that there can be no victory in such a barbaric conflict. The reason is abundantly simple: The primary enemy is not so much a clear or singular opponent, such as the cartels in themselves, but rather the desperation and greed that fuel them. In other words, these drug prohibitionists are effectively fighting against human nature in itself. This is why no prohibition has ever worked in the course of human history, and nor will it, no matter how far either side goes in their quest for supremacy.

One of the core lessons in life is never to attack the symptom(s), but the root cause(s) of a problem. Drug prohibitionists, in their mule-headed zeal and ignorance, are apparently content to keep squeezing the cartels, either not knowing or caring that they can never win, that the war will never end, and that the only outcome of increased pressure is increased casualties amongst the innocents. The only way to end the violence is, evidently enough, to end the war. Should that ever happen, the results would undeniably be remarkably similar to what the U.S. experienced soon after the 5th of December 1933. It’s simple and evident logic, and history is not short on examples that demonstrate this with indisputable clarity.

At the very least, we would do well to prevent abject ghouls such as Michele Leonhart from being placed in charge of anything regarding public policy.

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