Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Teacher suspended, might get fired for starring in gay porn

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Kevin Hogan
Kevin Hogan

Yet another schoolteacher is on the verge of having his career ruined as a result of puritanical hysteria, this time possibly tinged with a bit of homophobia to boot, and all because of things that have absolutely nothing to do with his capacity as an educator or decent person. And this time, a Boston-based Fox News affiliate is leading the mob:

Kevin Hogan is an English teacher and crew coach at a top-rated Massachusetts public high school, but he brings some unusual experience to the job: until recently, he was starring in pornographic movies.

Hogan has worked at the Mystic Valley Regional Charter School in Malden since September. In addition to his coaching and teaching duties, he also chairs the high school’s English department.

But he can also be found on the Internet and in adult entertainment stores under his screen name: Hytch Cawke.

Naturally, to make sure that every reasonable person knows they’re a bunch of craven appeasers, the school has now suspended Hogan and is contemplating terminating his employment:

Now Hogan will have to answer to his school, which placed him on paid leave while they conduct their own investigation.

It’s not the kind of news the school is used to. Just this year, Newsweek magazine named Mystic Valley one of the best high schools in the country and fourth best public high school in Massachusetts.

The school released a statement saying “We value the health and safety of our students,” and that "the school followed our normal hiring practices," which included criminal background checks in Massachusetts and California, where Hogan had been living.

Mystic Valley also said "the references we received were flawless,” and noted he was placed there by the recruiting firm Carney, Sandoe & Associates. Hogan even has a testimonial on the firm's website, where he writes, "It's amazing with your help I was able to find a school that I never thought existed."

Of course, there is absolutely nothing illegal (or actually wrong in any way) with teachers engaging in whatever perfectly legal activities they want outside of school, which includes pornography, no matter how pearl-clutchers feel about it. But, of course, what fear-mongering report would be complete without an obligatory mention of mindless reactions from local parents?

“I’m disturbed. I’m surprised,” said Stephanie Saponaro, whose son is coached by Hogan on the crew team. “The kids really love him. He's been a great addition to the team. He's a new coach this year. New head of the English department. This is scary.”

“What is my reaction? Oh my God!” said another parent. “Everyone's innocent until proven guilty. I don't like to judge people.”

FOX Undercover’s Beaudet asked another parent, “Does it bother you to think this guy's doing this?”

“Very much so. Especially since he's teaching our children. Everyday. It does bother me a lot,” the parent replied.

So, to summarize: By all accounts, Hogan is a great teacher and kids love him … but he did some rumpy-pumpy with other dudes in front of a camera (on his own time and dime), so now he’s a creepy pervert and he’s got to go ’cause he might be dangerous around children (’cause he’s a homo and them’s all pedophiles, donchya know).

Okay, how’s this: Unless Kevin Hogan’s extracurricular activities have any bearing whatsoever on either A) his competence as an educator, B) his relationship with his students, or C) anything else that goes on in his classroom, then everyone can shut the fuck up and keep their meddling noses out of his professional and private life. End of fucking story.

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