Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Survey: Atheist President still most discomforting for Americans

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I guess the only thing surprising about this survey on voters’ discomfort with the religious affiliation of potential presidential candidates is that Republicans are apparently just a smidgeon more concerned over the prospect of a Muslim becoming President than one of us godless heathens:

Graph: Discomfort with a Mormon, Evangelical, Atheist or Muslim President by Political Affiliation (All Voters-Republican-Independent-Democrat): An Atheist = 67%-80%-56%-70%, A Muslim = 64%-81%-58%-56%, A Mormon = 42%-36%-38%-50%, An Evangelical = 28%-18%-31%-32% [Source: Public Religion Research Institute, American Values Survey, September 2011 (N-1,505)]

Of course, none of this should be remotely surprising to anyone by now, though I do find it disappointing how few of even Democrats are on our side.

Still, time marches on. I await the results of a similar survey done ten years from now. (Or even five.)

(via Friendly Atheist)