Friday, November 11, 2011

‘NOVA’ Dover trial documentary now on YouTube

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Here’s a great watch for anyone interested in the Evolution/Creationism(ID) battle and the legal history and ramifications of it all: The fantastic NOVA episode on the landmark 2004 Dover trial, which cemented the facts that Intelligent Design is A) not science, B) a clumsy repackaging of Creationism, and thus C) illegal to teach in public science classrooms, is now available in full on YouTube. It’s a must-see, particularly as it beautifully exposes those sneaky Creationists for what they are. (Watch it before sniveling god-bots inevitably get the video yanked.)

The full thing, below:

As a sidebar, isn’t it odd how Creationism/ID proponents criticize Evolution for being “just a theory” – and then present their own replacement as being another scientific theory? It’s almost as if they didn’t have any real consistent definition or standing on the issue.

(via Friendly Atheist)