Saturday, November 19, 2011

Maddow hits Fox News for baselessly tying White House shooter to Occupy protests

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It looks like Fox News has sunk to yet another new low (and at this point, that’s saying rather a lot). Upon hearing that a random madman had shot at the White House, they immediately went ahead and labeled him the “Occupy Shooter” – despite police confirmation that he has absolutely zero connection to the Occupy movement in any way. Here’s Rachel Maddow exposing them as the damned liars that they are:

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The man who was charged yesterday with attempting to assassinate President Obama after he allegedly fired shots from a high-power rifle at the White House, a week ago tonight, that young man was reported as a missing person last month by his family back in Idaho. People who knew him in Idaho say that he called President Obama the “Antichrist”.

Today, though, a local CBS affiliate in Boise, Idaho, posted a tape that this alleged attempted assassin made at Idaho State University. He apparently believed that he was Jesus Christ and he said he wanted help from Oprah Winfrey to get his message out.

[video of crazed would-be assassin snipped]

So, that’s Oscar Romero Ortega-Hernandez in his own words for you to make sense of.

On the Fox News channel this week, they made their own sense of him by describing him as the “‘Occupy’ Shooter”. This was yesterday on Fox and Friends. This was flagged by Media Matters. Is there any connection between this kid, arrested for allegedly shooting at the White House, and the Occupy protests, the 99 Percent protests?

No. There is not. This guy did allegedly shoot at the White House, and the Occupy DC protest is located vaguely near the White House – but beyond that? No. Nothing. The Washington Post reporting Wednesday afternoon that investigators, quote, “found no connection between him and the Occupy DC protest”. That’s “no” as in “none”, as in “protesting on behalf of the 99 Percent is not the same thing as being a crazy guy with a gun who thinks he’s Jesus”.

Except on Fox News, of course. There, they are the same thing.

I guess they got bored with casting the Occupiers as gross (and possibly violent!) poor people. I admit, the idea that these uppity protesters could be spawning wannabe presidential assassins is a distressing notion …

Oh, right, keeping you distressed and paranoid is exactly what Fox wants, of course.

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