Saturday, October 01, 2011

Help! The sunlight wants to kill me!

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Awesome stop-motion animation by Sarah Wickens using sunlight. It’s like a crime novel brought to life … heliographically!

Via Gawker:

British animator Sarah Wickens uses sunlight as her main medium in creating this stop-motion video that features devious sun-hands slashing the wallpaper, knocking shit over, and reaching up from the floorboards as though it wished to yank someone by the ankles and pull them down into its terrifying abyss. Now we know who's been moving around our furniture when we leave home in the afternoons.

The moonlight never behaves so violently or creepily, as far as we know.

That’s because it waits ’til we’re asleep before pulling its own shenanigans.

(via @dontrythis)