Friday, October 07, 2011

Dexter tries to understand catechism and God-belief

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First of all, a belated apology for lack of posting these last few days. Been feeling rather uninspired lately, but that should change around now.

Now, to fall back into rhythm, here’s Dexter asking why kids should be taught religious beliefs and how we know there’s even a god in the first place:

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[Note: Done by ear, so apologies for any errors.]


DEXTER MORGAN: Night, Angel.

BATISTA: Did you take Harrison for his pre-school nativity?

DEXTER: Yeah, I did.

BATISTA: Good, ’cause [Audi?] really liked it there.

DEXTER: She didn’t find it … scary? The statues and the … you know?

BATISTA: The crucifix. That’s a very powerful image for the sacrifice that was made for us. All kids have to learn those kinds of things.

DEXTER (V.O.): Those kinds of things?

DEXTER: Sorry, but why? I only ask because I wasn’t brought up with much church experience.

BATISTA: No, that’s okay, these are good questions. Um … it’s the catechism.

DEXTER: And they need to learn that because …?

BATISTA: [hesitantly] God has put a desire for himself in every person.

DEXTER: Look, I know this is a little basic, but how do we even know there is a God? [Batista looks stunned] You know, so I can explain it to Harrison.

BATISTA: Ah, well … There is a God, because in … in every one of us, there is a powerful sense of moral goodness.

DEXTER (V.O.): Oookay …

BATISTA: But, honestly, when you really get down to it, it’s all about faith.


BATISTA: It’s something you feel, not something you can explain. It’s very hard to put into words.

DEXTER (V.O.): Because it makes no sense.

DEXTER: [smiling] Thanks, Angel, you really made it all much more clear.

BATISTA: Sure, always happy to help.

That’s about the most coherent and honest answer you’re likely to get from a believer.

Sidenote: Is anyone else somewhat disturbed that the two most well-known TV atheists currently are a serial killer and an asshole doctor? I don’t think that’s the kind of variety the movement’s hoping for …

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