Monday, October 17, 2011

About that “liberal media” …

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Here’s a new Pew Research study on how the mainstream media has been covering the current crop of presidential contenders. Here’s pretty much all you need to know, especially whenever someone next yammers on about how everyone’s giving President Obama a free pass to expand his radical liberal regime or whatnot:

Bar graph: Tone of News Coverage of All Candidates (with Rick Perry at 32% positive and 20% negative, and Barack Obama at 9% positive and 34% negative)

The “Lamestream Media”: So liberal, its most hated presidential contender is the only remote Leftist on the list, and so anti-conservative that its coup de coeur is the most rabidly Right-wing wingnut of them all. How … interesting. (Or, maybe some people just need to realize that not everything other than Fox News is a commie-Marxist outlet. Who knows.)

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