Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fail Quote: Vox Day, working women and child-raising

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Woman in suit with clipboard
Pictured: Irresponsible non-child-raising woman

From everyone’s favorite sexist prig plain-talking visionary, Vox Day:

The consequences of the global depression aren't all bad; more women might actually stay home to raise their children. But once it becomes clear that a working mother doesn't actually make any net profit from her job, it should be readily apparent that she is only "working" in order to socialize and avoid the harder work of raising her children[.]

Those lazy, airheaded gossip-wenches just can’t be trusted to work, no siree. All this “feminism” stuff is obviously just one big scheme to curtail their noble work as human incubators and destroy society and all that. ’Cause what else are they good for, anyway?