Thursday, September 08, 2011

Fail Quote: Perry thinks Ten Commandments are “good politics”

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Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX)
Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX)

From Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX), defending his Christian faith:

"I tell people that sometimes get their nose out of joint about me being a believer. I ask them, i say well, which one of those Ten Commandments out there that's on the lawn of the Texas capitol bothers you so much? Which one of those is bad public policy? Which one of those is so onerous to how we as a people function?"

"Those instructions are good guidance and frankly they're good values, they're good policy and at the end of the day, I happen to think, that's probably good politics."

Which of the Commandments do I disagree with? Well, there’s the one decreeing that I must believe in the One True (Christian) GodTM, for starters. Fuck that, God, and you, Perry (in that order). Then, there’s the one demanding that I censor myself from ever uttering the name “Yahweh” aloud without cause. Goddamn that, so to speak. There’s also that weird one forbidding me from doing any sort of work on the Sabbath. I do think I’ll be ignoring that one (though, admittedly, given my workload, I may be inadvertently following it anyway). And the rest are either silly or already made into laws under society’s legal system, which renders the whole thing quite obsolete.

Of course, this isn’t even mentioning the glaring facts that A) the First Amendment outright denies the first three Commandments, and B) the whole idea of melding such an overtly religious document with governmental functions is in violation of both the most fundamental laws and the deepest core values that make up the United States to begin with. But then, I don’t think it’s fair to expect a dimwitted fundamentalist screwball to be aware of such delicate details.

And then, I remember that he’s running for President. And (currently) winning. Goddamn it.

(via Right Wing Watch)