Monday, September 19, 2011

Doggycide in Providence, Rhode Island

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Champ the pit-bull
Champ the pit-bull

Cops on stakeout find themselves confronted with the obviously life-threatening evil that is a dog out on a potty break, with the usual tragic results:

Rhode Island State Police say that the shooting death of a woman's Pit bull, "Champ" was an "unfortunate accident".

Accident or not, a beloved family companion is dead.

The tragedy happened on Wednesday morning when a fugitive task force was stationed outside of a home in Providence.

Though the task force was waiting for a fugitive to emerge, they were instead greeted by two dogs who had been let out for a potty break.

Moments after the dogs were let outside, shots were fired.

And what, exactly, gave the officer license to whip out his firearm?

The officer who fired the three shots told the dog's owner that the dog "growled" at him.

Officials claim that the man "feared for his life".

Either that was one mean-looking pit-bull with a growl to make the ground tremble beneath your feet, or that’s one cop who shouldn’t be given a gun.

As is so very often the case, the dearly departed victim’s owner had no connection whatsoever to the fugitive the cops were actually after.

(via The Agitator)