Friday, August 26, 2011

Son of murdered Pakistani governor kidnapped

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Shahbaz Taseer
Shahbaz Taseer

It’s not enough that Pakistani Punjab Governor Salman Taseer was murdered by his own bodyguard earlier this year when he came out in support of Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of four who was sentenced to death for alleged blasphemy against Islam. Now, the late governor’s son has been kidnapped with no-one yet claiming responsibility:

LAHORE: The son of a Pakistani governor who was killed by his bodyguard for his opposition to a harsh blasphemy law this year was kidnapped in the eastern city of Lahore on Friday, police and the family said.

Four men on motorbikes intercepted Shahbaz Taseer in his car in the upscale Gulberg area and took him to a nearby street before kidnapping him, police said, quoting witnesses.

Shahbaz’s aunt Ayesha Tammy Haq, lawyer and columnist, has filed a petition in the court, DawnNews reported.

Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that the recovery of Shahbaz Taseer is going to be a big challenge for the Punjab Police.

“Shahbaz was out with a friend when four unidentified people kidnapped him,” his brother Shehryar Taseer told Reuters.

Shahbaz Taseer is a director in several companies his father founded, including Pace Pakistan Ltd., First Capital Equities Ltd., Media Times Ltd. and First Capital Securities Corp. Ltd.

“Our family has been receiving threats from the Taliban and extremist groups,” Shehryar said, adding they could be behind the abduction.

No one has yet claimed responsibility.

Punjab Governor Latif Khosa said the kidnappers were riding motorbikes and a jeep. “Many people saw the kidnappers,” he said. “They were not wearing masks.”

Don’t expect that to help much, however. More than one person have been killed for their opposition to Pakistan’s Islam-centric blasphemy law, and many more have perished as a direct result of it, whether by official execution or mob lynching.

At least Pakistani officials’ efforts to force other countries to adopt similar laws have consistently failed. Because if we are to follow the ways of another country, it should obviously be one whose people is oppressed and routinely culled under the rule of tyrants who put to death anyone who dares toe the line of religious impropriety.

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