Tuesday, August 23, 2011

‘Portal’: The (Short) Movie

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I got nothin’ today. So, here’s a fun video.

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A woman (Chell) wakes up alone in a small, dingy room. She realizes she has a barcode on her nape. Seeing no way out (and secretly being filmed 24/7), she starts exercising for an indefinite amount of time, pausing to sleep and eat the occasional tray of food that gets slipped through a sliding door.

Eventually, she gets an idea and discovers the portal gun. She experiments with portals, creating a closed loop through the walls of her room. Then, she uses portals to knock out a guard upon entry and escapes, disabling further guards in the corridors beyond. She makes her way to the roof of the building and uses portals to execute a particularly daredevil-esque jump between buildings to escape more guards.

However, she then realizes that the scenery around her is just a digital backdrop, behind which is another closed chamber with several worn-looking and disabled Weighted Companion Cubes.

Speaking of which, I need to go break my brain play some Portal, now.

(via @alexpalex)