Friday, August 26, 2011

‘Minecraft’ v1.8 “Adventure Update” rundown

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This will interest either two or all of my readers, but to whomever it concerns: A 22-minute rundown of what we can expect from the upcoming Minecraft Beta v1.8 (“Adventure Update”). Prognosis: Awesome.

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YouTuber Static (“777static777”) presents a rundown of both the expected and speculated changes in the upcoming “Adventure Update” (Beta v1.8), which is due out sometime “after August 28” (Minecraft is scheduled to exit the Beta stage in early-to-mid-November).

Firstly, it’s presumed that players will need to create new worlds (or explore previously uncharted regions of pre-1.8 worlds) for the new features to kick in.

  • The first new feature is NPC (Non-Player-Controlled) villages that spawn at random (comprised of a few little stone houses) and can be “claimed” somehow.
  • There will also be wells for water, which leads to speculation that infinite water (such as the two-buckets-spring glitch) will disappear.
  • There will also be NPC blacksmiths in NPC villages who use forges that run on lava (players can already use lava to power their furnaces; it just lasts longer). Speculation: Maybe smelting new items/ores.
  • There will be ravines and canyons.
  • There will be strongholds (random areas that resemble ruins) with new blocks: stone bricks, moss stone bricks, cracked stone bricks, and iron bars (like a gate).
  • New mobs: Endermen, silverfish, and possibly more.
  • More interesting farming options, including plantable pumpkins and melons.
  • Introduces animal breeding (speculation: will animals stop spawning infinitely?).
  • New food system; food will no longer heal instantly but will take more time to eat and will heal players gradually, depending on how full you keep your food meter. Food will also be stackable (though stacks may only be limited at 16). Will also probably include eating sounds and animations. New foods include raw and cooked chicken, and beef (with possibly re-textured pork chops).
  • Players will be able to sprint (which will probably deplete food meter faster), which can be used to send mobs flying back.
  • New block: Flat glass planes and possibly spike blocks (which might be hard to hide).
  • Arrows will now stay stuck in mobs (and may be recoverable after mobs die).
  • New combat mechanics: Critical hits (different blows deal different amounts of damage), bows now require charging for longer distance shots, and attack blocking/dodging (unknown how this will work).
  • New mushroom biome with giant brown & red mushrooms.
  • Biomes will be expanded/made larger.
  • Possibly rivers (long, winding bodies of water). Unknown if water would be still or flowing.
  • User-placed leaf blocks will no longer decay (despite not being within range of wood blocks).
  • Clouds will no longer pass through buildings (finally!).
  • Zombies will no longer drop feathers when killed (though new item is unknown).
  • Vertical map height limit seems to be increased greatly.
  • Day/night cycles will have improved, smoother lighting change.
  • Torches will give off warmer light.
  • Graphic sliders for field-of-view and gamma (ie. brightness/contrast).
  • Redesigned HUD with new food and experience bars.
  • Possibly new particle effects (maybe blood?).
  • New sounds (added minecart sounds, revamped rain and bow sounds)
  • Improved multiplayer server join screen with server lists (and hopefully filters) and in-game player lists.
  • Mods will be able to enter Creative Mode even when in SMP.
  • Improved modding support (possibly turning mods on/off in-game).

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