Thursday, August 11, 2011

I’ve been advertised!

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If you’re one of the three trilobites not already following my Senior American Correspondent and spiritual adoptive mother/big sister* PersonalFailure over at Forever in Hell, then … do it already. But moreso now because PeeEff has gone and promoted my story-turned-book-to-be, Inhuman [first edition], on her blog!

It’s the ebook package I posted here a few days ago. PeeEff was kind enough to offer to put the book up on her own site, and even included a cute little teaser excerpt to interest any potential audience. Also, she’s apparently seething with jealousy at the fact that I wrote some 150K+ words of novel while she’s struggling with a couple of (spoiler: excellent) short stories, so my quest to antagonize her is once more proving successful. (Insert customary raspberry-blowing here.)

At any rate, do head on over if only to feed her some delicious blog traffic, and if you do happen to poke your nose into my little story, do remember that I’m currently knee-deep in overhauling the entire thing, especially stylistically, in hopes of making it more publishable someday. I seriously can’t believe how drastically my writing has ameliorated in the two years or so since I began writing this thing.

Anyways, for now, much love to PeeEff!

* How can she be both my mother and big sister, you ask? I say: Shuddup, it’s complicated.