Sunday, July 17, 2011

Help me find a TV series!

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Wile E. Coyote with “HELP!” sign

I don’t usually do this, but it seems that Google has well and truly failed me for the first time ever, so I must pester you all with a request to take up my dirty work for me.

What I am searching for: A TV series (possibly mini-series) from a few years back whose plot (and I say this from vague recollection, so take everything that follows with a grain of salt) revolves around a male journalist (or possibly lawyer) who teams up with a nun to search around Europe and the Middle-Eastern Holy Lands for the newly reborn Jesus Christ, whilst also contending with the also-newly-born Antichrist, who’s following in baby Christ’s path and turning his good accomplishments sour in order to deceive.

Baby Christ was born to an Italian blonde woman named Maria (and who, might I add, I thought was extremely pretty, not that it may help much), who I remember seemed to cry a lot. The series also featured a young man in his late teens who was sought after by the forces of evil for some reason. He was given a bodyguard, but fell to a ploy by said evil forces in the form of an alluring young lady, thus leading him to try and elude his bodyguard. He succeeds, and the bodyguard is soon afterwards found dead at the bottom of a river/ravine. The young man is then kidnapped, with only a letter left behind, which ends in something to the likes of “I’m late for a train to Hell”.

Other random detail: Includes scene with the main journalist/lawyer-and-nun duo in Jerusalem or some such, where the nun points to a street and declares, “This is where Christ preached,” or something to that effect.

I remember enjoying the series when I saw it, maybe five or six years back (my mother had rented the DVDs, I believe), and I am quite keen on finding it again, which only makes it more frustrating when every single thing I think of fails to find me the slightest useful result on Google. I’ve tried various keywords (and combinations thereof), phrases, subject searches (“series about religion”, etc.) and so on; it just seems like any mention of the ruddy thing was straight up wiped clean from the Internet. Unreal.

So, if anyone has the slightest idea what I’m talking about, or has the time/patience/know-how to search for it in ways I’m not thinking of (or perhaps just to suggest such ways to me), please sound off below. I wanna find this thing, dangit!

Anyway, thank you for your time. Your regularly scheduled opining shall resume anon.