Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BREAKING: Ghana official orders immediate arrest of all LGBTs

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Minister Paul Evans Aidoo (Western Region, Ghana)
Min. Paul Evans Aidoo

Not to be glib about it, but if African countries want to end the stigma of being the world’s shithole, maybe they ought to stop being so retarded and inhumane, particularly when it comes to LGBTs:

The Western Region Minister Paul Evans Aidoo has ordered the immediate arrest of all homosexuals in the region.

He has tasked the Bureau of National Investigations and all security agencies to smoke out persons suspected to be engaging in same sex.

He also enlisted the services of landlords and tenants to provide reliable information which will lead to the arrest of homosexuals.

His directive follows months of campaigns against the practice of homosexuality in the country.

Only yesterday, the Christian Council of Ghana capped months of protestations against the practice of homosexuality with a strongly worded message against the practice and courting Ghanaians not to vote for any politician who believes in the rights of homosexuals.

It may be hard to believe, but it seems that Ghana has now gone even further than Uganda has, despite achieving global renown with its (now mercifully shelved) Anti-Homosexuality (“Kill the Gays”) Act.

And is anyone even remotely surprised to find that religious fervor – particularly that bastion of love and morality that is Christianity – is once again directly behind this?

(via Joe. My. God.)