Sunday, July 03, 2011

Get out your pink Bibles, girls, and listen to the old White guys

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The atheist movement does have its issues regarding inclusiveness, such as when it comes to feminism and trans-ethnic relations, but the truth is that while there are differing opinions and varying levels of conflicts between individuals and groups, no-one can deny that we’re all pretty much on the same side: we want equality for all and we want to do our part to achieve this goal.

We also realize that treating our female compatriots as if they were lesser beings in intelligence, value and aspirations is rather unbecoming, to put it mildly. Which is a notion that certain other groups don’t seem to possess:

Girly, pink “Princess Bible” on sale at; includes “Full color ‘Princess’ presentation”, “Bejeweled snap-flap closure”, “Sparkle Pretty Pink cover”, “Satin Ribbon Marker”, “Full text of the International Children’s Bible” and “Dictionary of Bible people, places, and things”: “THE POSITIVELY PERFECT GIFT FOR ‘PRINCESSES’ OF ALL AGES!”

Ooh, lookie! “‘Princess’ presentation”! “Bejeweled” snap! “Sparkle Pretty Pink cover”! The boys can have their regular ol’ Holy Book – but the girls, by virtue of intrinsic girlishness, need something excessively effete. Don’t you know all little girls just lurve princesses and pinks and sparkles and satin (and unicorns and future husbands)?

And what about other groups?

Baptist event: “National Sword of the Lord Conference: On Revival and Soul Winning” featuring 15 White men, all middle-aged and older

Something tells me these aren’t the folks you convene with when searching for variety. In anything.

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