Thursday, July 21, 2011

Canadian “gay deconversion” group angry at proposal to strip them of tax-exempt status

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A Canadian-based “gay deconversion therapy” group is hoppin’ mad that the New Democratic Party (NDP) has presented legislation that would strip anti-gay entities like them of their tax-exempt status:

The New Democratic Party (NDP), which supplanted the Liberal Party in the May election as the dominate left-wing political group, recently held its convention in Vancouver and unanimously approved a resolution that calls on the Canadian government to revoke the charitable status of "ex-gay organizations."

Brian Rushfeldt, executive director of Canada Family Action (CFA), contends the NDP's resolution is "blatant discrimination" against groups that assist those exiting the homosexual lifestyle.

"When they will target a few particular ministries that minister to people wanting to get out of the homosexual lifestyle ... and say, 'We're going to shut you down,' there is no other word for it except blatant discrimination based somehow on left-wing socialist ideology," Rushfeldt decides. "Thankfully, the NDP is simply a party that will never, I don't think, be forming government in Canada. So that's a great protection for us from this kind of ideology."

Cry me a fucking river. Quacks who go around pretending that conflicted individuals can just prey teh ghey awey deserve to be discredited and exposed as the dangerous bullshit-mongers they are, not afforded the luxury of not paying taxes. If you’re going to go around and worsen the problems of desperate individuals who actually need qualified help, the very least you could do is pay your dues to society like everyone else. Only cranks like these could cry persecution and discrimination when told they might need to pay taxes.

Giving these charlatans the same status as the likes of the Red Cross and other benevolent charities is beyond insulting; it gives them credibility when they have none. Ideally, they would be brought to court for all the harm they so gratuitously cause, but as it is, let’s just settle for not granting them any further legitimacy.

(via Joe. My. God.)