Saturday, July 02, 2011

Back from the grave (sorta) [updated]

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“It’s All About Me”

Hello, one and all. My week-long “vacation” is over and I am now writing this from my father’s place (hence the lack of formatting; I don’t have my templates and so on, here) [Scratch that; edited post]. I’m all set up back at home, except for the teensy little problem of me not being able to find the stupid farking password for my Internet connection. I do expect this will be resolved by night’s end. (Meaning during the wee hours of the morning, my time.)

Anyway. I’ve been offline for the entire past week, only getting a few scraps of news here and there, so I have a fair amount of stuff to catch up on. (Meanwhile: Yay for New York! Shame on Ohio! And LOL as always to Fox News, with special mention for Herman “race card” Cain!) So, while I spend the evening digging through my RSS reader and email account(s) (and – oh God – my Twitter stream), please do me the pleasure of welcoming me back … by bumping my blog traffic back up to their previous levels, of course.

UPDATE: (07/03/11 2:35 PM) – Okay, I finally managed to get online at home. (Turns out I just needed to reset my modem/router/whicheverthehellitis … which was done by technical support, naturally, as the concept of reset switches apparently eludes me.) Now to commence Operation Catch-Up. Slowly.