Monday, June 20, 2011

Google’s delightfully sorta-subtle endorsement of gay marriage

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As New York State draws ever nearer to its final vote on same-sex marriage, Google has decided to reveal where it stands on the issue in an amusing and deceptively subtle manner. Here’s the current main page for any given search:

Google search results for “What is a Justin Bieber?”
It is a timeless question to which there is no good answer
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Nothing remarkable (other than consternation over the first result … I mean, really?). However, if one is to search for “gay marriage”:

Ooh, pretty. And what’s more, it only appears if one searches specifically for “gay marriage”. No other searches, including “same-sex marriage” or the anti-gay favorite, “homosexual marriage” (with or sans sarcastiquotes), will reveal the Pride rainbow. Fun, eh?

I ♥ Google.

(via @todayspolitics and @ggreenwald)