Friday, June 24, 2011

Going on vacation for a week

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Personal: “It’s All About Me”

I’m afraid this blog is now entering a little hiatus. I have a friend flying over on Saturday and we’re planning to stay locked up in his hotel room having all sorts of fun for the next week or so, so blogging will be at a severe minimum, if at all.

… What? We’re gonna play Portal and Zelda and stuffs. What did you think I meant?


So, anyway. I’ve set up a bunch of cute videos to be rolled out over the next few days until my glorious return two Saturdays from now (or July 02, if anyone’s confused), so this place shouldn’t get too deserted. So for now, consider this an open thread.

See y’all in a week! Meanwhile, enjoy a fennec being tormented by the evil tickle monster:

(Note: If you can’t tell this fennec is actually enjoying it, you don’t deserve to be watching this video. Or browsing the Internet. Or breathing.)