Thursday, June 09, 2011

Fail Quote: Pastor wants California to celebrate “Ex-Gay Month”

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Pastor Jim Domen
Pastor Jim Domen

From Pastor Jim Domen, staffer at the California Family Council, railing against President Obama and some California mayors’ designation of June as “LGBT Pride Month”:

"I'm ex-gay," he tells OneNewsNow. "And so when I hear people celebrating, 'Oh, we're doing the LGBT month,' and those types of celebrations, I want to ask the question: 'Well, when does the state, when does the county of Los Angeles respect those who are ex-gay? When do we celebrate ex-gay month?' We've gone down this road -- it's not good -- and we've changed our lives. When does the state recognize that?"

Well, there’s a real good reason why no-one’s offering that people celebrate “Ex-Gay Month”. That’s because there’s no such thing as “ex-gay”. Either you were never homosexual (or anything other than heterosexual) to begin with and simply had muddled feelings in your youth, which is only par for the course during adolescence, or you are gay and are simply locked in self-denial. Claim whatever you want, but don’t fool yourself into thinking anyone else but other bigoted religious zealots (or generally misinformed folks) will believe you.

(via Right Wing Watch)