Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Unable to log in to Blogger [fixed]

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UPDATE: (05/25/11 4:26 PM) – Got it working! It seems that Blogger’s recent redesign glitched up the auto-sign-in process, so all I had to do (once I’d figured it out, that is, which took look enough …) was sign in at the main Blogger page, and voilà, access restored.

This is your beloved blogmeister, sending this from email (so do forgive the lack of formatting and pretty corner picture and whatnot).

Since yesterday at around noon, I've been unable to sign in to Blogger, thus preventing me from posting (as well as anything else) due to some weird log-in error. Every time I go to access my account, the browser starts glitching up and ends up giving me a "503 error" a few moments later. Not too sure what the heck's going on, though I certainly hope it's on Blogger's end, thus absolving me of responsibility for something going wrong (for once).

I'm still active on Twitter, so stay tuned for updates. Hope this won't take too long to fix. (Again.) Sucks, too; I've just finished a (sorta-)new song for a brand new project I'm thinking of getting into regarding my book. *winks, hoping anyone reading this actually knows he's been writing a novel for the last two years*