Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sarah Palin: The Movie?

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Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin

Dear God. The Devil is coming to Earth … or so it would seem for some locale in Iowa, where a feature-length film will air promoting the basket of failed idiocy that is Sarah Palin:

A two-hour film promoting Sarah Palin will premiere in Iowa next month, serving as a potential launch to a presidential campaign.

RealClearPolitics first reported the details of the film. The announcement was confirmed to POLITICO.

Conservative filmmaker Stephen Bannon was approached by Palin’s camp last year about making a series of videos, the website reported. Bannon in turn suggested a feature-length film titled “The Undefeated.” Bannon paid the reportedly $1 million cost of making the film, which is designed to help refurbish Palin’s image and restore her ties to hard-core constituents.

It’s little wonder the flick will be titled after Palin’s almost supernatural ability to remain in the public spotlight despite having been so thoroughly discredited, debunked, disgraced and generally humiliated these last few years for being the petty, airheaded poseur she is.

I almost wish Roger Ebert would attend the premiere, if only to read his review afterwards. (He did such a great job with Ben Stein’s anti-evolution propaganda piece, Expelled.) But then, I must remember not to wish such evil on people I like.

(via Right Wing Watch)