Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rhode Island House passes civil unions bill

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“Just Civilly United”

One more small step for marriage equality, this time in Li’l Rhody:

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Rhode Island's House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed legislation allowing gay couples to enter into civil unions after a last-ditch effort to turn the initiative into a bill that would allow gay couples to marry failed.

Lawmakers voted 62-11 Thursday to endorse the bill, which now moves to the Senate.

The proposal would allow gay couples to enter into civil unions granting all of the state rights given to married couples under Rhode Island law. It was introduced as a compromise after legislative leaders said gay marriage legislation lacked the votes needed to pass this year.

It’s sad the attempt at resuscitating the full marriage equality bill failed (even though polls show a clear majority of Rhode Islanders, even Catholics, are all for it). But, as always, one step in the right direction is better than one step back. After all, a few more steps and we’ll have covered a full leap.

(via Joe. My. God.)