Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peter LaBarbera’s childish transphobic Twitter attack

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It’s often made evident that bigots are often just as silly and petty as they are hate-filled, and here’s one more incidence. First, Autumn Sandeen, a transgender activist who blogs at Pam’s House Blend, posted this tweet following an eye exam that left her pupils dilated, rendering her quasi-blinded:

Tweet by Autumn Sandeen (@AutumnSandeen): “AUGH! Can't see! (Dilated eyes from bi-annual eye exam has made world too bright!)” [tweeted 04/15/11]

To which noted <anything-other-than-heteronormative>-phobe Peter LaBarbera from the Orwellianly named Americans For Truth About Homosexuality saw fit to respond:

Tweet by Peter LaBarbera (@PeterLaBarbera): “.@AutumnSandeen Once you get your eyes back, that will still be a man in the mirror, b/c that is who you are (not a woman) #christian #trans” [tweeted 04/15/11]

To which Autumn replied:

Tweet by Autumn Sandeen (@AutumnSandeen): “@PeterLaBarbera If you tweeted something similar to my eye tweet, I'd be praying your eyes were healthy. Luke 6:31” [tweeted 04/15/11]

After which LaBarbera resorts to the usual evasive counter that cranks like him have mastered:

Yeah, sure. He made a douchey and unprovoked swipe at someone’s gender identity, mocks her name with sarcasti-quotes, but, hey, he’s just … deflecting by referring to her eye exam. Which has precisely 0.0 to do with what she wrote in response to him.

He then follows up by asking about her “real” name (as if her legal name of ‘Autumn Sandeen’ weren’t sufficient). It’s obvious how he’s just benignly (and randomly) curious, of course. It’s not like he’d then use her previous male name as a constant weapon against her in more childish swipes, right? Nah, he’s more mature than that, after all.

Is LaBarbera really foolish enough to think Autumn would actually give him that info? He really is a typical bigot: hate-filled, petty, and least surprising of all, stupid.

(via Right Wing Watch)