Friday, April 08, 2011

Fail Quote: Bryan Fischer’s Christofascist hypocrisy

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American Family Association Director of Issues Analysis Bryan Fischer
Bryan Fischer

From the American Family Association’s über-bigot, Bryan Fischer, providing* the quickest and most direct self-contradiction I’ve seen in a long time:

We believe in freedom of religion for Muslims like we do for everybody else. But if they insist on clinging to their religion, they will need to exercise their freedom of religion in a Muslim country which shares their values: death for those who leave Islam, the beating of wives by their husbands, and the labeling of Jews as apes and pigs.

Shorter Fischer: “You have the right to be a Muslim … until you try to enter this country. In that case, go back to that shithole you come from.”

(via Right Wing Watch)

* Post appears to have been deleted, or else link from RWW is broken.