Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ask an Atheist Day marred by occasional self-stabbing nut

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Ask an Atheist Day 2011: “Atheist (ask away!)”

If anyone can explain exactly what this clearly disturbed individual was trying to prove, I’m all ears:

The incident took place near a table promoting a local version of “Ask an Atheist Day.” The student group Freethinkers at Virginia Tech sponsored the table.

Witnesses said [Alexander M.] Huppert stood near the table for nearly an hour. Approaching the table, Huppert borrowed a pen and drew a circle with a cross inside on the back of his hand.

Nicole Schrand, a senior psychology major, said Huppert then asked students at the table to stab him in the cross with the pen to “prove to us God existed.” The students declined.

“We don’t believe in assaulting people,” Schrand said. “We’re very against assaulting people.”

Huppert then asked for the pen back, a request Schrand and other students declined. Seeing another pen, Huppert grabbed it and began stabbing himself in the back of the hand.


With additional officers responding, Huppert was taken into custody.

So … does God exist?

Of course, he might just have been trying to reenact the Resurrection. Or else, he might have had a large wooden cross waiting around nearby. Who knows? (Maybe not even him.)

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