Monday, March 21, 2011

Today in stupid faux-patriotic cartoons …

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I’ve always felt that forcing everyone, particularly children, to stand up at a predetermined hour and recite some sort of sectarian loyalty chant is rather creepy, somewhat reminiscent of the very totalitarian regimes the United States has previously fought against. And yet, should anyone seize upon their Constitutional right to remain seated during said chant, at least in the US, then just stand back and watch as the hysterical, faux-patriotic demagogues descend upon the poor chap and immediately declare that rather than refusing to partake in a chant that conflicts with their beliefs on ideological grounds (or simply because they think it’s just pointless), they’re actually being unpatriotic, if not treasonous. It’s a remarkably idiotic notion, that refusing to swear your fealty to some government is supposedly equal to opposing them.

This narrow-minded sentiment has now been translated into cartoon form:

Cartoon by [?] about student refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance
[unknown source]

Of course, one thing this cartoonist (whose name I am unable to decipher) fails to understand is that if the injured US veteran really did sacrifice his mobility to defend Kevin’s rights, then not only would he not be upset over Kevin actually using his Constitutionally granted and Supreme-Court-enforced right in not reciting the Pledge, but he would almost certainly chastise that teacher for both criticizing Kevin for using that very freedom he fought for, and for trying to use him and his injury to try and shame Kevin for enjoying that right.

For more amusement, the cartoon came attached in an even more idiotic and transparently Islamophobic chain email that PF over at Forever In Hell takes pleasure in eviscerating. Which is the only treatment this sort of fascistic, flag-fetishising nonsense deserves.

(via Forever In Hell)