Friday, March 04, 2011

No, abortion is not murder, no matter how much you repeat it

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How utterly disgusting:

It grows more and more difficult not to resort to labeling all anti-abortionists as a bunch of heartless, mindless psychopaths when this sort of dishonest, blithely amoral bullshit is constantly paraded around as if it were any sort of a logical or reasonable argument. It ain’t. Abortion is not comparable to murder in any way, shape or form, either legally or morally. Anyone who truly believes that flushing out a parasitic blob of cells is in any way equivalent to shooting a fucking baby with a fucking shotgun is in dire need of a padded room, or a psychotherapist at the very least. And a crapload of pills, hopefully to prevent them from lapsing into the sort of bloodthirsty fantasies they obviously have zero qualms with entertaining.

And fundies wonder why atheists (and non-Christians in general) so often hold them in contempt. Truly, the mind boggles. (And, of course, remember – we’re the immoral ones.)

(via Friendly Atheist)