Thursday, March 03, 2011

Fail Quote: Ten Commandments are not “distinctly religious”?

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Retired USAF Lt.-Col. John Eidsmoe
John Eidsmoe

Here’s another head-spinner for ya. From retired Air Force Lt. Colonel and Christofascist lawyer John Eidsmoe, arguing in favor of letting the Decalogue be put up in public schools across the US [my emphasis]:

Beyond that, Eidsmoe said, courts have cited it in opinions and laws are based on its guidelines.

I think you’d have a hard time saying the Ten Commandments are distinctly religious,” Eidsmoe said. “They’re an expression of the basic precepts that just about every society has been built upon.”

Because what could possibly be considered more secular than a group of laws wherein the very first one proclaims that “I am your one and only God”?

(And never even mind the usual conflation between Biblical morality and societal morality. Because, of course, if it had never been uttered in the Old Testament, then people would never have realized that killing and raping are wrong, right?)