Friday, March 18, 2011

Fail Quote: James O’Keefe doesn’t like being recorded

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James O’Keefe
James O’Keefe

I’ve just gone blind; such was the power of the stoopid in what I’ve just read. (Never mind how I’m still typing. I’m psychic. There.) Apparently, conservative activist and world-class douchebag James O’Keefe recently spoke to the Bayshore Tea Party in New Jersey and reportedly demanded that a photographer for the Asbury Park Press be shown to the door. As if that weren’t immediately ironic enough in itself, here’s what teabagger Charles Measley said in a video to said photographer afterwards:

"This is a guy that's in trouble with the law, he's got lawsuits up the gazoo for trying to help you with your freedom," Barbara Gonzalez, founder of the Tea Party group says in the video. "Because I feel like the people who came here to pay a lot of money, I don't want him to walk off."

That might be the single most hilariously, blindly ironic and stupid thing I’ve ever heard. So our dear little bullshit-monger doesn’t like other people seeing what he’s up to, even at a public setting, and the mere sight of the very tool he’s so quick to use against ideological opponents – particularly when they’ve committed absolutely zero wrongdoing – will send the little coward running with his tail between his legs. Truly, no words can describe such supermassive hypocrisy.

I’m just wondering why we haven’t heard much about all these supposedly gazoo-filling lawsuits. I, for one, would love to cheer them on.

(via Right Wing Watch)