Friday, March 18, 2011

Fail Quote: FRC’s McClusky upset over efforts to end anti-gay bullying

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Family Research Council Vice President of Government Affairs Tom McClusky
Tom McClusky

From the Family Research Council’s Vice President of Government Affairs, Tom McClusky, decrying the Obama administration’s push for anti-bullying policies over fears that they would force anti-gay bigots to stop persecuting LGBT kids:

MCCLUSKY: It’s ironic that when the President was trying to push this bullying program that he cited that he was once bullied as a child, because that’s exactly what his policies are leading to, is bullying by the federal government and by a homosexual agenda that seeks to make children hide their Christianity and their religion in the closet, and to silence those who would speak out against what they don’t believe.

What a tragedy that would be. Cry me an fucking ocean. There are thousands upon thousands of boys and girls undergoing ridiculous torment in US schools – some even being pushed to taking their own lives – because of their sexuality (even when they’re only perceived as being gay), yet the ones McClusky chooses to get all verklempt over are the bullies?

It gets harder and harder not to just assume that these people really have no humanity, their hearts and minds replaced with religious bigotry and suffering from a complete absence of empathy for those undergoing actual hardships and injustices.