Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Conservative upset over liberals saying Republicans are against the things that they are against

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“Brainless GOP” caricature

Here’s one of the more amusing displays of right-wing blindness to irony (and immunity to logic) that I’ve seen in a while [original emphasis]:

There is no shortage of exaggeration and hyperbole in politics. Republicans will routinely point out that Democrats are wrong, but only Democrats make these kind of rhetorical leaps:

  • Skepticism over global warming is evidence that Republicans are anti-science
  • Removing collective bargaining rights for public workers means Republicans are anti-union
  • Cutting funding for the Department of Education means Republicans are against improving schools
  • Passing tax cuts for everyone who pays taxes means Republicans only cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires
  • Cutting funding for the Environmental Protection Agency means Republicans are against clean water
  • Ending unemployment benefit extensions means Republicans don’t protect the poor and want people to lose their homes
  • Cutting subsidies to Planned Parenthood means Republicans are trying to ban birth control and abortion
  • Improving our border security and enforcing immigration laws means that Republicans hate minorities
  • Cutting subsidies for school lunch programs means Republicans want children to go to sleep hungry at night
  • Failing to legislate levels of CO2, a greenhouse gas that we all exhale, means Republicans are anti-environment
  • Opposing teachers unions means that Republicans are against teachers

I thought progressives were supposed to be more nuanced…

Yep; according to this secular conservative*, it’s a lack of “nuance” to say that people who consistently oppose certain things are, in fact, opposed to said things. Because denying established scientific facts, cutting off the poor and jobless from critical governmental aid, shutting down reproductive health providers and treating minorities like second-class citizens – amongst many other things – isn’t indicative at all that the GOP has indeed become the “Party of No”.

What world are these right-wingers living in?

(via Forever In Hell)

* More evidence that one doesn’t need religion to be a right-wing dolt.