Friday, February 04, 2011

“Rick Perry is a jackass. Period.”

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry
Gov. Rick Perry

Hereby reminding me why I really should be watching the Margaret and Helen blog by now:

I told you, Margaret. It’s only just beginning.

Texas Governor Rick Perry said he will introduce emergency legislation requiring women seeking abortions to first get a sonogram of the fetus and listen to a recording of the heartbeat.

Why? Well when someone has all the information, according to Perry, “the right choice will be made — the choice for life.”

I find it funny how universal healthcare is big government gone bad, but somehow the government crawling up my uterus and telling me what choice to make isn’t. Odd how giving patients information about end of life options is a “death squad for Grandma” but sonograms before abortions are simply souvenirs for the family photo album.

Rick Perry is a jackass. Period.

Did it ever occur to you Governor Jackass that some of those women who you plan to force to have a sonogram and listen for a heartbeat are young girls who have been abused… young women who are devastated that a wanted pregnancy has gone bad… poor women who just can’t afford to feed another mouth… scared women who have been raped… and even regular ‘ole women who made peace with their God and don’t need to hear from yours?

Governor, please take your big hair to church as often as you like. Get down on your knees and pray to your God everyday. Join the choir and sing his praises until the cows come home. Get it all out of your system so that when you walk into that Capitol building you are a little less inclined to blur the line between religion and politics and force your narrow-minded, black and white version of right and wrong on millions of people who just maybe – maybe - don’t agree with you and your backward ass group of right-wing zealots.

2,700,000 Texans voted for you. 2,100,000 Texans voted for the other guy. So many important problems to be solved and you decide to divide us even deeper.


Tomorrow I will make a donation to Planned Parenthood. I mean it. Really.

As would I, if they existed in Canada. (Darn.)

(via Political Irony)