Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Political Farce of the Year: Evening with the Joes

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Oh dear God. If I thought CPAC was unbearable enough, this alone is probably enough to send any sane and rational person running for the hills, screaming:

Our Country Deserves Better PAC’s “An Evening With the Joe’s”
Expected outcome: Arpaio arrests not-Joe the not-Plumber on suspicion of sheltering brown kittens while Joe Miller cackles maniacally

I’ll ignore the obvious yet expected superfluous apostrophe and just say that the only way anyone would ever get me to attend such an event is if I had already been dead for about a quarter century. (Anything less and I’d still probably have enough lingering brain activity for it to count as discrimination against my decaying braincells to expose my remains to such a collection of morons.)

(via The Agitator)