Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Jesus loves horrible little racist puppets

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I’m undecided whether to make some obvious crack about Christian kids’ entertainment or about how this clear candidate for the Worst Video Evar nearly leaves me speechless:

I’d say Jen has our collective reactions down exactly:

"Oh lord, awful Native American stereotype. Wait, they're cutting out to a diverse group. They're not going to go through each - wait - yes, yes they are. Jesus, the Asian eyes aren't even glued on properly. ...Good lord it gets worse and worse. OH MY GOD THE BLACK PEOPLE WTF. ...And the white people are from the South, of course. I'm so glad that's ov-OH MY GOD JOSE! JOSE! I want to cry. I'm losing my mind watching this."

Though, in my case, my brain’s already halfway deactivated thanks to lateness-induced somnolence, so I suppose I was spared the brunt of the video’s offensive. Nonetheless, one has to wonder how many lawsuits this ineffable garbage would bring to any TV station that dared to broadcast it.

(via Blag Hag)