Friday, February 18, 2011

Fail Quote: Rep. Steve King attributes term “ObamaCare” to … President Obama

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From the ever-factually challenged Rep. Steve King (R-IA), arguing in favor of defunding the Affordable Care Act (ie. healthcare reform) on the House floor and once again demonstrating his crippling reality impairment:

My transcript:

REP. KING: It is important to me to see $100 million cut out of the resources that would be used to implement ObamaCare. And, Mr. Chairman, I’m also very confident in declaring it to be ‘ObamaCare’. I listened to President Obama address it as ‘ObamaCare’ on February 25th of last year at the Blair House during the healthcare summit. I thought that was the source of the moniker ‘ObamaCare’, was the President himself, and if anyone thinks otherwise, I think they should look back and check the record.

It’s so odd how these right-wing liars often end their misinformation with an invitation to fact-check their claims. Do they think that people (or at least, media watchdogs and political junkies) won’t? Or that they’ll somehow miss the glaring facts, which directly prove him to be either serially dishonest or incredibly stupid?

Either way, Media Matters offspring Political Correction bats this softball out of the park. It turns out, oddly enough, that Obama was referring to the term sarcastically, and that – shockingly! – ‘ObamaCare’ had already been used rather often before the President finally uttered the words himself. Fancy that.

(via Political Correction)