Thursday, January 27, 2011

Utah lawmakers propose official state gun

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Browning M1911 pistol
Pictured: Utah representative

From the files of immunity to common sense and irony:

The Utah House passed a bill by a 51-19 vote Wednesday designating the Browning pistol as the official state gun.

Around the country, this story has been stirring up a lot of attention during the last 24 hours. The New York Times, for example, ran an op-ed piece Wednesday wherein Gail Collins poked fun at Utah for its firearms predilection. (Note: the Collins piece ran in anticipation of but before the legislation passed the House on Wednesday.)

On Monday, the Utah State Capitol celebrated Browning Day, honoring John Moses Browning, native son and maker of the nominee for Official State Firearm. There were speeches, a proclamation, a flyover by a National Guard helicopter, and, of course, a rotunda full of guns. "We recognize his efforts to preserve the Constitution," Gov. Gary Herbert said, in keeping with what appears to be a new Republican regulation requiring all party members to mention the Constitution at least once in every three sentences.

Rep. Carl Wimmer, R-Herriman, sponsored the Official State Firearm legislation, HB219. This is the same Carl Wimmer, by the way, who believes that Utahns should be allowed to carry concealed weapons without a permit and who owns a tremendous mustache.

Because having a state flag, bird and flower obviously weren’t enough. (Or, those are sissy, hippie things.) Not to mention that gun nuts apparently think the best way to dispel the notion that they’re, well, ‘gun nuts’, is to have the state declare its appreciation for the same type of weapon used in the Tucson, Virginia Tech and Fort Hood massacres, among others.

But hey, if it’s gonna be that way, then I call dibs on the RCP-120 FN P90 for Québec. If we’re gonna be symbolized by killing machines, might as well do so with style.

(via Political Irony)