Sunday, January 02, 2011

Top Ten Fox News FAILs of 2010

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Ranker has a great list of the 10 most ridiculous and self-defeating Fox News moments from the last year, where their anchors and correspondents revealed their incompetence in such things as history, the law, basic geography, technology, and (of course) anything regarding basic honesty and integrity.

However, by far the most poignant bit of outright journalistic retardation was when Fox & Friends used their stalwart tactic of “degrees of separation” to try (rather desperately, as always) to smear the Park51 Islamic cultural center (aka the misleadingly labeled “Ground Zero Mosque”) by linking its funding to terror groups – and actually ended up showing how they are directly linked to those very same “enemies”, themselves. Jon Stewart of The Daily Show practically had a field day with this in what is easily one of the most memorable segments of TDS’s 2010 run:

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I almost support Fox News’s existence solely for the entertainment value they bring, and the fact that they so readily provide about half of Jon Stewart’s material. (Almost.)

(via Political Irony)