Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Music Update: Changing to a new player (+ new editions)

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My Music

A long time ago (in a bedroom not that very far away), I decided to begin showcasing my music (amongst other things) on my blog. Unfortunately, at the time, the only method I could find that allowed me to do so was by first going through the tedious process of creating a video for every individual song, uploading it to YouTube, and embedding the result. But, hey, it worked, so I persevered.

But thanks to the magic of teh Google, I just found out about the magical little gem that is Little MP3, a website that allows you to upload any MP3 song from your computer and then provides you with a cute little audio player, as such:

10 cookies to whoever identifies this song.

It seems to be working perfectly for now, though I’m not convinced about its reliability. So, at any rate, I’m now starting to convert every song I posted onto this blog into this brilliant little player, which has the added benefit of allowing me to quickly and painlessly upload every new revision and edit of my songs without having to create a whole new bloody video for them each time.